Victor Cozzone – Helping Families Back on Their Feet

There is a famous story that’s thesis is that you must teach instead of simply giving. They use the analogy of if you give a man fish, he will have food as long as you are there and if you teach a man to fish, he will have food long after you are gone. This is incredibly applicable when it comes to helping families in need. While giving them housing and food is important for their current needs, it is also important to get them back on their feet and help them to understand how to stay on their feet without help.

Victor Cozzone is actively involved in many charities that help families in need. He understands that raising awareness in order to help collect funds is important, it is also important to help them learn budgeting and the ability to survive on their own. This allows them to help a family get back up and then they can help another family do the same and so on and so forth.

With a background in finance, Victor Cozzone is happy to help lend his services to these organizations and help people understand their financial situations better so that they can improve their lives for themselves as well as their families. Victor Cozzone is currently a pro sales specialist for Lowe’s and continues to enjoy being able to help his company as well as these organizations with his over twenty years of knowledge.

Business and Philanthropy, with Victor Cozzone

If you’re looking for Victor Cozzone these days, he can be found working as a professional sales specialist at a Lowe’s store in Chester County, Pennsylvania, which essentially returns him to a sector where he experience great success in previous years, beginning in January 2000, when he established his own business, All About Concrete, in Chester County. He ran that company successfully for about a decade and at one point, his company employed 28 people, all of whom he supervised. Put simply, there is little doubt that Victor Cozzone and All About Concrete managed to contribute plenty to the Chester County economy.

Under Victor Cozzone’s leadership, All About Concrete performed work in both the commercial and residential realms, which means they almost literally had a hand in building the county’s infrastructure. The company even won a national award for their work in decorative concrete. Victor Cozzone himself is ACI certified, so he knows what he is doing. Besides running his own company, Victor was a financial advisor at the Pennsylvania offices of several major brokerage firms for six years and, from that job, he guided individuals and companies to greater prosperity.

One hallmark of Victor Cozzone’s career is certainly his attitude. This businessman strongly believes that attitude has more to do with success than any other aspect of anyone’s personality. Of course, he also made sure he had sufficient education going in; he obtained a degree in Finance from Winthrop University, after all. However, he also values the education he received as a product of experience. It is that education that makes it clear to Victor Cozzone that every individual maintains has ultimate control over their attitude and their success.